2 teams of BEU students are in the final stage of “CanSat” competition 2 teams of BEU students are in the final stage of “CanSat” competition

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The Cansat competition was first held in 1999 with the participation of Japanese and American university students under the name of "ARLISS". The CanSat competition is planned to be held in Azerbaijan since 2018. This competition is called "CanSat Azerbaijan," and  is intended for students of higher education institutions.


The competition aims to increase interest in student satellite projects in our country;to raise awareness among students; to represent Azerbaijan with more experienced teams in ithe analogical nternational competitions and to achieve successful results; to acquire practical skills and habits for the preparation of nano and other real satellites in our country by local professionals


In the first stage 6 teams of Baku Engineering University participated in the competition. However, 2 of them are in the final stage. RODIMUS team of BEU was awarded 3rd place among 31 teams. The members of successful team are:


Mentor: Asif Ganbayev (lecturer)


Gülgün Farziyeva (Captain of the team) - Computer Engineering, 3rd year student

Tural Sadigov - Computer Engineering ,3rd year

Tural Akhmedov - Computer Engineering, 3rd year

Araz Heydarov - Computer Engineering ,3rd year

Orkhan Mammadov - Computer Engineering, 3rd year

Faraset Idrisov - Mechanical Engineering ,3rd year

Aydin Afandiyev - Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year

Javid Efendiyev - Computer Engineering, 2nd year


The mission of the device is to take and store the photo of the Earth based on the team to be sent from the ground station. The minumum resolution of the photo must be 480x480 pixels. 

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