“The National Salvation Day 15th of June” was celebrated at Baku Engineering University “The National Salvation Day 15th of June” was celebrated at Baku Engineering University

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An event was held an Baku Engineering University on the occasion of June 15-National Salvation Day. An event was attended by MP, academician Ziyad Samanzada, the chairman of Absheron distict organization of New Azerbaijan Party as well as the academic staff and students of university.Before an event the opening of  special quarter titled “ Azerbaijan on the way to independence and development” dedicated to our National Leader Heydar Aliyev and President Ilham Aliyev was held at the foyer of the university.

  An event was commenced with the national anthem. Then a documentary about the occurences that took place in the early days of independence, positive changes that happened by the accession of Heydar Aliyev on June 15  was demonstrated.

Speaking at the event, rector of the university, Professor Havar Mammadov said that despite the independence on October 18, 1991, it was the hardest moments of our independence during the first days of 1993. Ganja events took place on June 4 led to the loss of our independence. In this times, despite of the great threats, the National Leader Heydar Aliyev courageously took over the rescue mission of our country. Heydar Aliyev came to the power again with the insistent demand of the people and was elected as a Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan. Thus, the ongoing tension and confrontation slackened and our republic survived the civil war and disintegration.This memorable day engraved in our people’s minds as “the National Salvation Day”.

Rector, Professor Havar Mammadov also noted that in his speech at Milli Majlis meeting held on June15,1993 the National Leader Heydar Aliyev declared the future strategy of Azerbaijan statehood and implemented it in the following years: “If the gaining of independence was prerequisite, the secont important task was to preserve and develop it. It became reality by the will of National Leader Heydar Aliyev. The National Leader Heydar Aliyev created the conception of national statehood.  Our nation doesn’t forget the services of great savior and celebrated June 15-The National Salvation day annually with high mood.”

 Today, under the leadership of the president Ilham Aliyev the triumph of national liberation ideology is reflected in the continuous development of our independent republic and the authority of Azerbaijan in the region and world is increasing.  Azerbaijan participates in the most advanced projects of the world.

   Rector congratulated the participants on the occasion of the holiday.

 Speaking at the event, MP , academician Ziyad Samadzada brought to the attention of the participants that he was a witness of the events took place at that time and how it was a difficult period. He spoke about the strengthening of the independence of Azerbaijan after 15 June-the National Salvation Day, and Azerbaijan joining the international projects and the globalization process with its standarts. He also noted that our country has created its standart by protecting national values in the projects it participates. MP, academician Ziyad Samadzada said that the current achievements of Azerbaijan are the very result of  the successful policy of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev.

     The Chair of BEU NAP Youth Union Talifa Isgandarli spoke about the youth policy of the National leader Heydar Aliyev. Talifa Isgandarli also noted that today this policy is successfully continued.

 At the end of the event the membership cards were given to the teacher and students. 

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